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You are here: Home > Explore the US with Timeshares
Explore the US with Timeshares

Find Somewhere New Every Year You don't have to travel abroad to find an exciting new vacation destination every year or every other year. Our United States is a wildly diverse amalgamation of landscapes, cultures and cuisine. From the stunningly humbling Grand Canyon, to the glistening slopes of Aspen, Colorado; the deserts of Arizona to the Green Mountains of Vermont, ours is a vast and multifarious nation just begging to be explored.

Consider Timeshares to Travel Anywhere One way to ensure that you'll always have appropriate accommodation, wherever your US travels might take you, is to buy timeshare. You might be wondering how purchasing a vacation property in one place will allow you to explore dozens of locales year after year. The answer lies in timeshares' inherent flexibility.

Timeshares are Very Flexible When you buy timeshare you're actually purchasing the right to use an increment of time at the resort of your choice. Because your purchase is less tangible than actual property, it's easy to exchange time at your "home resort" (the property that will be deeded or contracted to you) for time anywhere in the country, or even the world. There are a couple of ways you can use your timeshare to travel.

Choose a Vacation Club
You can choose to purchase time with an expansive vacation club like Marriott, Westgate or Wyndham. Like their hotelier counterparts, these clubs have timeshares peppered throughout the country and beyond. Ownership at one of the resorts will give you access to all of their locations.

Or Choose an Exchange Company However, because these first-class vacation clubs can often be slightly more expensive than other timeshare options, you might want to purchase an affiliated resort. In this context, affiliated refers to membership with an exchange company like RCI or Interval International. These companies create affiliations with thousands of resorts, and then offer membership to owners. Membership allows owners to trade their week at their home resort for a week, at a resort of similar quality, anywhere in the network. Whichever method you choose, timeshares can help you explore every corner of the United States and beyond.


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